Top 5 quarterbacks the Arizona Cardinals should scout for 2024

ACC Championship - Clemson v North Carolina
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Bo Nix
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3 - Bo Nix, Oregon

Every year, you find a top quarterback who has that “late bloomer” ring to their game. Bo Nix is that potential player in 2024. While at Auburn in 2019 and 2020, Nix’s production was rather marginal, and it was more of the same old, same old in 2021. 

Come 2022, he transferred to Oregon, where he completed 71.9% of his passes for 3,593 yards, 29 touchdowns, and seven interceptions. Look for 2023 to be Nix’s make it or break it season, but if he has another year like he did in 2022, he could surpass the top two talents on the board. 

2 - Caleb Williams, USC

Caleb Williams had a legendary year in Southern California, tossing 42 touchdown passes, five interceptions, 9.1 yards per attempt, 4,537 passing yards, and a 66.6% completion percentage. The kid was phenomenal in every aspect, so why is Williams sitting at Number Two?

Honestly, his size is concerning, at just 6’1, 218lb, putting him on the shorter side. So is Murray, so once again, you ask yourself, should the Arizona Cardinals go after yet another smallish quarterback when you got the likes of Bo Nix, K.J. Jefferson, plus the Number One prospect on this list?