Ranking Arizona Cardinals rookies from worst to best heading into 2023

The Arizona Cardinals are one of the NFL’s younger teams, and they have a plethora of rookies heading into the 2023 season. Let’s rank them.
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Arizona Cardinals quarterback Clayton Tune
Aug 26, 2023; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Arizona Cardinals quarterback Clayton Tune (15) throws a / Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

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4 - Clayton Tune

Clayton Tune toiled through his fair share of issues in the preseason, but he also proved he’s capable of sticking around the desert for a while as a backup in a worst-case scenario. He also showed enough that newcomer Josh Dobbs hasn’t yet been named the starter at the time of this writing. 

3 - Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson didn’t wow anyone in the preseason, but he also didn’t see a lot of playing time. For a rookie slated to play a significant role in this year, that was expected, and look for him to see the field often starting next weekend against the Washington Commanders. If Wilson turns in a solid season, he could compete for the Number 1 spot on this list. 

2 - Kei’Trel Clark

For a rookie drafted in the sixth round, Kei’Trel Clark turned a lot of heads. He is yet another player listed in the Top 4 who could at least play a large role for the Arizona Cardinals starting in Week 1. If he turns in sound performances, Clark could have a leg up on Garrett Williams when the latter returns from the NFI.

1 -  Paris Johnson

No one in the rookie class cashed in like Paris Johnson, who was basically penciled in as a starter the second the Cardinals made the sixth overall pick in April. Look for Johnson to dominate at right tackle this year, and he will make the eventual switch to left tackle at some point in the future.