Ranking every Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback from 1993 to 2022

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The Arizona Cardinals have had dozens of starting quarterbacks since 1993. Who ranks at the top of the list? Keep reading for more.

The Arizona Cardinals have had over 30 quarterbacks start games for them at some point in the season since 1993. Below, we will meet each of them, and determine who ranks where. But before we begin, let’s check out the criteria I used to base these rankings:

  • Team Success
  • Longevity with the Cardinals
  • Overall Win-Loss Record

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the quarterbacks who made the least (or most destructive) impact with the Cardinals. 

Stoney Case
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Ranking the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterbacks since 1993

31 - Trace McSorley

Trace McSorley logged one career start with the Redbirds, and he finished his career in the desert with zero touchdown passes, five interceptions, and a 42.8 passer rating. Chances are, you won’t remember him unless you watched the Cards struggle late in the 2022 season, or if you bothered to watch the preseason

30 - Stoney Case

Stoney Case started in just one game and appeared in two during his stint with the Arizona Cardinals. He never threw a touchdown pass during his time in Arizona and lost in his only start, posting a 54.8 passer rating. 

29 - Jim McMahon

In 1994, Jim McMahon was in his career twilight, and he ended up starting just one game for the Arizona Cardinals in a losing effort. He completed 53.5% of his passes that season, with one touchdown pass, three picks, and a 46.6 passer rating. 

28 - Shaun King

Shaun King was part of that memorable 1999 draft class who led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the NFC Championship Game in his rookie season. Following a solid 2000 season, his career nosedived and he landed in the desert for 2004, posting an 0-2 record and a 57.7 passer rating. King never played in the NFL again following the 2004 season.  

27 - John Navarre

John Navarre started just one game for the Arizona Cardinals in 2004. He lost in that only start, completed 50% of his passes, and he appeared in one more game the following season. Navarre finished his career with the Cards, and his NFL career, with a 43.9 passer rating. 

26 - Max Hall

Max Hall was about as bad as Ryan Lindley (See #23 on this list), but like Lindley, he still, somehow, managed to win a game during his forgettable one-year stint in the desert. Hall posted a 35.7 passer rating, which is worse than if he just dropped back and intentionally threw incompletions on every single snap.