Ranking every Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback from 1993 to 2022

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Brian Hoyer
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25 - Brian Hoyer

One of the NFL’s most prominent journeymen of the 2010s, Brian Hoyer lost his only start for the Arizona Cardinals. Though he threw for 330 yards, he logged just 6.2 yards per pass attempt. Nothing impressive to say the least, and the following season, he moved on to the Cleveland Browns

24 - Sam Bradford

One of the most ill-fated signings in Arizona Cardinals history, and that’s putting it generously. Bradford was supposed to start during the 2018 season while Josh Rosen (See #20) got acclimated to the NFL, and to say it didn’t work is an understatement. After nine games and an 0-3 record, Bradford was done in the desert. 

23 - Ryan Lindley

Ryan Lindley has arguably the worst statistics of any quarterback on this list, having thrown just a pair of touchdowns vs. 11 interceptions. Surprisingly, however, he logged one career win, and that’s keeping him out of the bottom tier in these rankings. 

22 - David Blough

David Blough started a pair of games to cap off the 2022 season and lost both outings. He didn’t look bad, but Blough gave us zero reason to believe he would be a serviceable contingency plan for the Cardinals. Apart from being the team’s emergency quarterback, anyway. 

21 - Dave Brown

Another underachieving first round pick who made his way to the desert after six subpar seasons with the New York Giants, Dave Brown started just seven games for the Cardinals between 1999 and 2001. He won three of those contests, and posted a 60.1 passer rating for his efforts.