Ranking every Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback from 1993 to 2022

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Matt Leinart
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10 - Matt Leinart

What is this, like the fifth would-be franchise quarterback on this list? The Cardinals drafted Matt Leinart in 2006 and he was to take the reins for the next 15-plus seasons, leading the Redbirds to multiple Lombardi Trophies. Instead, he started just 17 games and appeared in 29 between 2006 and 2009. 

9 - Colt McCoy

A career backup, few fans will remember Colt McCoy’s career. But he did put on some gutsy performances in spot duty with the Arizona Cardinals, including major upset wins over teams like the Seattle Seahawks in 2021 and the Los Angeles Rams a year later. 

8 - Drew Stanton

A career backup, Drew Stanton spent four years in the desert, and played well in spot duty. His numbers were barely adequate, and you can even argue that they were below average, but he managed the game well enough to compile a 9-4 record during his 13 starts. 

7 - John Skelton

At one point, John Skelton was looked upon as a “diamond in the rough” and a potential franchise quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. Then he fell back to Earth in 2012 and never played another down in the NFL. But hey, at least he enjoyed a decent seven-game stretch, and that’s more than you can say for a lot of quarterbacks on this list. 

6 - Steve Beuerlein

Unlike many quarterbacks on this list who were good elsewhere and below average in the desert, the opposite is true regarding Steve Beuerlein. He was rather serviceable with the Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals, finishing 9-12 with 23 touchdowns, 26 picks, and a 74.6 passer rating. Though his best days came a few seasons later in Carolina.