Ranking the 5 top games for Arizona Cardinals in 2024

Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears
Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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We now have an idea as to when the NFL schedule will be released. Adam Schefter confirmed the news on “X” saying that the schedule is expected to be released next Wednesday, May 15th.

The Arizona Cardinals find themselves facing the AFC East, NFC North, Los Angeles Chargers, Washington Commanders and Carolina Panthers along with the rest of the NFC West. Despite the Cardinals finishing in 4th place last year at 4-13, they will still have a tough schedule. They are going to need some schedule breaks in order to have an advantage as they try to improve from their last two seasons.

As we wait for the schedule to be released, here are the five top games for the Cardinals in 2024.

5.) Los Angeles Chargers

The Cardinals will welcome a new Los Angeles Chargers team that will look much different this season. Jim Harbaugh is now in charge and he will get the chance to save Justin Herbert’s career, which has been affected by bad coaching. However, this Chargers team will look much different. There is no more Keenan Allen, Mike Williams or Austin Ekeler. The Chargers addressed the offensive line this offseason and all signs point to the Chargers being a run-heavy team. Arizona had one of the worst run defenses in the league last year. Monti Ossenfort went out and addressed the defensive line by bringing in veterans Justin Jones and Bilal Nichols.

The Cardinals and Chargers will be looking to improve from previous years, making this an interesting matchup for the Cardinals.