4 worst case schedule scenarios for Arizona Cardinals in 2024

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals / Jennifer Stewart/GettyImages
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We know who the Arizona Cardinals will face in 2024 and soon enough, we will find out when. The NFL schedule will be released this month and the Cardinals are going to have to face some tough competition, despite finishing in last place of the NFC West last season. The front office for Arizona has had a solid offseason through free agency and the NFL Draft. On paper, this is a new look Cardinals team but nothing matters until there is production on the field.

The Cardinals finished 4-13 last year but did not have Kyler Murray for half of the season. Based on their opponents in 2024, the Cardinals will be facing (other than the NFC West), the AFC East, NFC North, Los Angeles Chargers, Washington Commanders and Carolina Panthers.

Here are the five worst case scenarios for the Arizona Cardinals.

4.) The bye week happens sooner than later

No matter how great a team is playing, rest is one of the biggest keys for success down the stretch. Injuries happen, as does fatigue with a team. There will be high motivation to perform the best early on because there has been so much buildup to the season. With that, the Cardinals are going to need some rest at a certain point. Getting a bye week later is better early on than later in the season. While you do not want a super early bye week, it is better than having one in late November/early December.