Ranking the Arizona Cardinals' last ten first-round draft picks

We take a look back at the Arizona Cardinals' last ten first-round picks.

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#10: QB Josh Rosen, 2018

This one is the obvious choice for being at the bottom of the list. In a quarterback heavy draft in 2018, the Cardinals traded up to the #10 overall pick to select UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen to be their next franchise quarterback. Under head coach Steve Wilks, Rosen could not have had much of a worse rookie season. Rosen played in 13 games as a member of the Cardinals, finishing 3-10 as a starter. He threw for over 2,200 yards, 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions while being sacked 45 times. It was a disaster right from the start and after the season was completed, the Cardinals cleaned house which then ended up getting rid of Rosen.

When the Cardinals brought in Kliff Kingsbury as their new head coach, it was destined that the Cardinals (who had the number one overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft), would select quarterback Kyler Murray. In the end, that setup came true when the Cardinals drafted Murray and ended up trading Rosen to the Miami Dolphins a year after trading up for him in 2018. Rosen’s tenure in Arizona is one that can be forgotten about.