Ranking the Arizona Cardinals' last ten first-round draft picks

We take a look back at the Arizona Cardinals' last ten first-round picks.

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#9: OL Jonathan Cooper, 2013

In the 2013 NFL draft, the Cardinals selected offensive lineman Jonathan Cooper out of North Carolina. Cooper did not get the chance to play his rookie season due to him breaking his leg and would have to wait until his official second year in the league to make his impact for Arizona. However, the injuries just kept piling on for Cooper to the point where there was no stability and his reliability to play started to become a liability.

Going into the 2016 season, Cooper would end up being traded to the New England Patriots as part of a package deal that would send defensive end Chandler Jones to the Cardinals. Throughout the rest of his career, the injuries kept affecting Cooper’s ability to get on the field which eventually led to him not playing beyond the 2018 season. 

The Cardinals were hoping to get a future starter in Cooper but injuries played a factor unfortunately and Arizona ended up losing out on that first round pick.