Ranking three ideal trade offers Cardinals could get for No. 4 pick

It seems more likely than ever that the Cardinals move off that pick in April.

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For whatever reason, the Cardinals' draft plan has seemed to get way more confusing this week. For most of the process, it's been widely assumed that they'd happily take Ohio State star wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr., with their first round pick – the fourth pick overall – but over the last several days, that idea has come under a lot of scrutiny.

Fair or not, Harrison's choice to sit out of Ohio State's recent Pro Day probably doesn't help the cause, as the decision created a media frenzy of takes questioning whether or not it's worth drafting him so high.

Now, as everyone bends over backwards trying to think of a new angle to talk about the NFL Draft for the next month, there's been a lot of discussion about the Cardinals trading that pick. There's plenty of value in doing so, and the Cardinals need all the help they can get, but it's hard to imagine Arizona turning down the chance to pair Harrison with Kyler Murray. But in an article published this week, Bleacher Report took a deep dive into the types of trades that Arizona could, in theory, pull off that night.

They threw out five different unique ideas, and this is how the top three rank.

3. Cardinals-Vikings Trade

trade 1

What BR said: "There has been speculation galore from the moment the Vikings acquired the 23rd overall pick from Houston that it was ammunition to trade up for a quarterback. It's entirely possible that the Vikings' plan is to move even higher up the board ... The best part of this deal? That sixth-rounder that was thrown in originally belonged to the Vikings. Life is a circle."

Thoughts: If the Cardinals really aren't sold on Harrison, getting another first round pick, in 2024, to only move down seven spots would be pretty hard to turn down.

That'd give them three picks on the first night (11, 23, 27) to go along with their four other Top-100 picks. There's never been a sure thing draft class, but getting to build around three 1st round picks is about as good an opportunity as you get in the NFL. Pick any position of need on the Cardinals roster, and there's a good chance that they'd get either the 1st or 2nd best player available at that position.