No, receiver is not the Arizona Cardinals biggest need in the 2024 offseason

The Arizona Cardinals have quite a few major needs, but ESPN misses the mark on their biggest need for 2024.
San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals
San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals roster is still weak heading into the 2024 offseason, and it needs a lot of fine-tuning by the time training camp arrives in late July. Therefore, you will see varying opinions about what the biggest need is for the Redbirds, but Josh Weinfuss of ESPN missed the mark on which position the Cards must go after.

In fact, they didn’t even list the biggest need, even if they were correct in listing other positions that are major needs. Check out what they said below, and see if you can spot the missing position that the Cards should arguably prioritize the most:

"“Arizona has to add a playmaking No. 1 receiver. There are many offseason priorities for the Cardinals this year, including landing a No. 1 cornerback and a top-tier defensive lineman, but they need a true top pass-catcher more than anything else.”"

Josh Weinfuss

Source: 2024 NFL offseason: Key free agents, draft notes, predictions, ESPN

To their defense, Weinfuss got it right with the other positions, because the Cards do still need a dynamic receiver, plus a top-notch corner. Their defensive line needs a few more pieces, but the offensive line, notably offensive tackle, is a bigger need than receiver. 

Receiver is not the biggest need for the Arizona Cardinals

While I praised Mel Kiper Jr. in his first mock draft that had the Cardinals taking Marvin Harrison Jr. fourth overall, which should be the case if he falls to them, it still doesn’t mean I believe receiver to be a bigger need. If we were still in the Kliff Kingsbury era, then absolutely, the Cards would need to prioritize a big-play receiver over everything, but this is a run-first team now that has quarterback Kyler Murray taking snaps under center and throwing from the pocket. 

Therefore, given the overall style of play the Arizona Cardinals are looking to continue, tackle is the biggest need. No, it doesn’t mean they need to draft one over Marvin Harrison should the receiver be available, but that’s because we have such a deep class at the position that teams will realistically find starters there as late as the third round.

Ranking the Cardinals top needs, tackle is the clear-cut champion, while defensive line is their runner-up. A receiver, edge rushers, and corners clock in at third, fourth, and fifth for the Redbirds in 2024.