3 routes the Arizona Cardinals can take with Kyler Murray after 2023

The Arizona Cardinals have five more games before they ultimately make a decision on their potential franchise quarterback, Kyler Murray.

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Kyler Murray
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3 - Cut him and take the heavy losses

This is the least-desirable route, but what if Murray keeps playing the way he did on Sunday, and the Arizona Cardinals end up with the top pick? Luckily, rookie salary caps limit how much teams can pay young players, but either way, the Cards would take heavy losses in dead cap. 

Per Spotrac, should the Cards give up on Murray and cut him, they would face a dead cap penalty of just over $81.5 million, while a post-June 1st release would give them a less harsh penalty spread across two seasons of roughly $48.3 million and $33.2 million in 2024 and 2025, respectively. 

Not only is this scenario undesirable, it’s also the least likely. In such a case, the Cardinals best bet would be to keep him around to avoid facing so much in dead cap. The better route to take would be to acquire or sign a quarterback who can compete with and push Murray for the starting job in the fall of 2024.