Should the Cardinals regret trading away #3 overall pick in 2023?

The Cardinals took a risk and it may come back to haunt them for the forseeable future.
Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans
Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans / Tim Warner/GettyImages

When the Houston Texans drafted quarterback C.J. Stroud with the 2nd overall pick last year, they then would turn around and trade up with the Arizona Cardinals for the 3rd pick to select edge rusher Will Anderson Jr. out of Alabama. Part of the compensation that the Cardinals received was Houston second first-round pick last year (#12, which they would trade away to move back up to get Paris Johnson Jr.) as well an additional first round pick for this year (#27).

The Cardinals not only gained an extra first round pick this year, but they were able to provide an offensive tackle in Paris Johnson Jr. who had flashes of high potential as a foundational player for the future in Arizona. However, the Cardinals had the chance to draft Anderson who would eventually win the Defensive Rookie of the Year award and helped the Texans turn around the culture from what it was previously.

In his rookie season, Anderson racked up 7 sacks and 45 tackles, along with 22 quarterback hits. Anderson also managed to record a sack against the Cleveland Browns in the wild card round of the playoffs. He just beat Philadelphia Eagles' defensive tackle Jalen Carter by two votes for this award.

Anderson proved that he should be a franchise player for the Texans, and the fact that Houston took a major risk by trading away draft picks to get him, they saw something in him that they wanted to add to their team.

Should the Cardinals regret making this trade last year?

While Arizona didn't necessarily lose this trade, it's not a great look either because of how productive Anderson was in his first year of his career. He is only going to get better and Arizona still does not have a great pass rush. With the Texans exceeding expectations last year, the Cardinals will now have to wait until late in the first round to select a player, who may not be able to provide the same impact that Anderson did last year.