5 sleepers on offense the Arizona Cardinals may consider in the 2023 NFL Draft

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Jake Andrews
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5 - Jake Andrews, C/Troy

And finally, we have Jake Andrews, who, if for any reason the Cards pass on the top centers in the draft, could be a decent consolation. One common denominator regarding Ossenfort’s signing of offensive linemen is the tendency to acquire players who can slide into multiple positions on the line, and Andrews fits that mantra. 

While he’s a sixth round pick at best, Andrews’ versatility could entice Ossenfort nonetheless. At every position group, coaches also crave projects, and Andrews could be that type of player. 

Each of the above players carry enough worth for serious consideration, even if they won’t top anyone’s draft boards. Two of them, Thomas and Wilson, could be players the Arizona Cardinals to seriously consider taking later in the draft to address potential needs at running back and receiver. 

So will Ossenfort seek to snag any of the sleepers listed above? It remains to be seen, but we will find out in just under three weeks.

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