3 major takeaways from Steve Keim’s remarks about the Arizona Cardinals

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Steve Keim may be infamous in Arizona Cardinals circles these days, but he still gives his insights. Here are three major takeaways from his recent remarks.

Steve Keim won’t make the Arizona Cardinals Ring of Honor any time soon, and you can make the argument that he should stay out of that realm entirely. Poor drafting and lack of on-field success caught up with Arizona’s former general manager, and he ended up showing himself the door when he took an indefinite leave before resigning from his post

Keim has been silent over the past few months, but he made an appearance on the Green Light podcast with Chris Long. During the segment, he and Long talked extensively about the Cardinals. Here are three major takeaways from that interview. 

Kyler Murray
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What did Steve Keim have to say about the Arizona Cardinals?

1 - About Kyler Murray’s Work Ethic

"“Does he know what Peyton Manning and Tom Brady knows what it takes to be great? No. Does he work? He does work. I think it’s just that side of the game – the film study, the attention to detail part – that he can continue to improve upon and I think he will.”"

Steve Keim, via AZ Central

Listen, we know that Kyler Murray’s work ethic and attitude wasn’t close to where it needed to be in 2022. We’ve seen takes from the likes of Patrick Peterson, Kelvin Beachum, an unnamed teammate, and now Keim. 

Listen, if Murray can do no wrong in your eyes, that is fine. But the fact of the matter is, there’s a definite issue here. The good news? I actually, for once, agree with Keim: Murray is going to improve that portion, and I think we’re already seeing it if his most recent video clues us in on just how far he’s come in such little time. 

Murray’s going to be fine if he stays consistent with his rehab, which should morph into consistency regarding his study habits, attitude, and overall work ethic. I’ve been hard on Murray over the past year, but I’ll also admit that I’m excited to see what he can do for the Cardinals this season.