The Arizona Cardinals need to strongly consider drafting a backup quarterback in 2024 NFL draft

Even with a quarterback like Kyler Murray, having a solid backup is a key component to keeping the offense as smooth as possible.

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

When looking at the positions in the NFL, the key positions that each team needs to have locked down to stay competitive are quarterback, wide receiver, cornerback, left tackle, and edge rusher. There are very few teams, if any at all, that have all five of those positions solidified. The successful ones have no less than three of these positions taken care of. One position that gets overlooked more than it should is the backup quarterback spot.

When the Cardinals lost Kyler Murray in December of the 2022 season with a torn ACL, the franchise was set up for failure in 2023 especially with a new head coach and general manager coming into the building. Backups Josh Dobbs and Clayton Tune did not keep the Cardinals competitive aside from their Week 3 victory against the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cardinals did not have the best backup quarterback plan heading into last season, but Monti Ossenfort can change that this offseason. Sure, the Cardinals could easily go through free agency and sign a quality backup, but it would more than likely only be a one year deal just to do a year from now.

However, the Cardinals do have a ton of draft capital (13 total draft picks, with 6 of them being in the top 100). It would make more sense for Arizona to take a look at the quarterback draft board and see if there is anyone that they can draft in the later rounds. This would not only bring stability at that position, should Murray get injured again, but it would also allow to have a backup quarterback on a rookie deal for the next four years guaranteed. Not to mention, there would also be a true development behind Murray and the backup is able to step into the offense knowing the scheme very well.

Someone like Joe Milton III out of the University of Tennessee or Sam Hartman out of Notre Dame would be quality backups for the next four seasons in Arizona. Neither of these players are expected to be a day one starter on a team, but development could help them in the long run later on in their career. With Murray suffering a knee injury, his mobility that he brings to his game may be limited from here on out. It would not be the worst idea in the world for Ossenfort to bring in a quality and young backup for Murray.