The Arizona Cardinals should easily win these 3 games in 2024

If the Cardinals do not win against these three opponents, there is going to be some concern...
Arizona Cardinals v Washington Commanders
Arizona Cardinals v Washington Commanders / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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With the NFL schedule set to be released tonight, Arizona Cardinals fans will finally get to see when the Cardinals will face certain opponents. The Cardinals have an easier schedule based on their opponents’ win percentage from last season, but that doesn’t mean that it is going to be a walk in the park for them. One advantage that they do have is taking on the fourth place teams in specific divisions and the Cardinals had a much better offseason than they did. Jonathan Gannon and the coaching staff will have a great advantage because they have an established quarterback in Kyler Murray who has the talent to be a top ten quarterback.

There are three opponents that the Cardinals will face next season and they should easily win against these three teams. Arizona has had four wins in each of the last two seasons and there should be no reason why the Cardinals get atleast three of their wins against specific teams. However, with the Cardinals having a boom type of offseason, they are expected to win more than just three or four games.

Here are the three opponents that the Cardinals should easily beat in 2024.

3.) Washington Commanders

The Cardinals and Commanders were Week 1 opponents last season and Washington came out on top in a 20-16 win. The Cardinals had the chance to make a comeback against the Commanders but came up short. Since that game, the Cardinals and Commanders have taken two different routes within their franchises. The Commanders will have a different look defense than they did last year with players like Chase Young and Montez Sweat on different teams now. Then the biggest change for the Commanders is taking place at the quarterback spot with Jayden Daniels, the second overall pick of the NFL Draft.

The Commanders’ offense looks exciting but Daniels is still a rookie at the end of the day and will have growing pains. The Cardinals improved their defense in free agency and the draft so they will need to find a way to disrupt Daniels’ gameplan and welcome him to the NFL.