3 things the Arizona Cardinals offense must improve on in Week 4

The Arizona Cardinals offense has shown some life over the past two weeks. But if they want to shine in Week 4, they must improve in the following areas.
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The Arizona Cardinals are heading into Week 4 looking pretty good on offense. They scored 56 points in their previous two outings, and they also put up another 10 in Week 1 (Cameron Thomas scored the other six), giving them 66 offensive points on the season, good for 22 per game. 

But when you play one of the league’s best defenses, you need to improve in your weak (and even your strong) areas. The first weakness on this team is obvious: scoring in the second half. 

The Cards are also a creative bunch, but for this coming Sunday, that creativity must be at its absolute maximum. Arizona also needs to improve its run blocking. Despite James Conners’ numbers, the line has been inconsistent in trying to protect its running backs. 

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3 areas the Arizona Cardinals offense must improve in this week

1 - Second half scoring

You can’t average six points per game in the second half and expect to win, but this is what the Arizona Cardinals are doing. In Week 1’s loss to the Washington Commanders, the Cards put up a field goal in the third quarter, and nothing more. 

In Week 2, their offense scored just eight more points while the New York Giants gashed their defense for 31 in the final 30 minutes. Last week vs. the Cowboys, Arizona scored a touchdown in the fourth, although their defense held Dallas to just six in the second half. 

Unless this depleted D is up for another challenge, the Cardinals can’t afford to put up single digits in the third and fourth quarters. San Francisco is a team that can score at will, and if the Redbirds find themselves behind early, this game could get out of control if they once again struggle during the final 30.