Top 5 tight ends the Arizona Cardinals could consider in the 2023 NFL Draft

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2020 East–West Shrine Game
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5 - Thomas Greaney, Albany

Perhaps the biggest diamond in the rough in the draft class this season, and few know who Thomas Greaney is unless they watched the East-West Shrine Bowl. Like many tight ends on this list, his production, for the most part, was limited, but he snagged 50 catches last season for 9 touchdowns, and 693 yards. 

He’s the type of player you take with your final pick in the draft, and the Arizona Cardinals could do that if they want to use the pick on a potential-laden player. Greaney will likely fill a spot on the practice squad in 2023, but he could have a bright future in the league if given a chance.  

Overall, I don’t see the Cards taking a tight end until late, if they even decide to address the position. It all depends how they feel about Ertz, and whether he will stick around for a few more seasons. If they think they can find an eventual replacement in this draft, don’t be surprised if they take a tight end on Day 3.

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