Trey McBride has two modern superstars as his tight end GOATs

Who made McBride's list?
Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

It's Super Bowl week and that means past fan favorite Arizona Cardinals players are showing up for Radio Row. Trey McBride spoke with Sterling Holmes and Patrick Allen of FanSided's Stacking the Box and was asked questions ranging from the hardest hitters in the game to who he thinks are the GOATs at the tight end position.

Right off the bat, Sterling asked McBride about his Wikipedia photo, which the Cardinals tight end said was from his high school basketball days. Patrick asked if he had to pick between football and basketball when he was younger and he said that he actually preferred baseball but ended up following his brother to Colorado State and playing football. In case you're wondering, he played catcher and first base in baseball.

McBride then discussed Super Bowl 58 and how this is a dream match-up at the tight end spot. He said it'll be a "cool game" for him because he'll get to see Travis Kelce and George Kittle ball out.

Sterling asked about the 2023 season and how, despite some shortcomings from the Cardinals as a whole, McBride still managed to put together a nice year. He said that even though he didn't get to play a lot at the beginning of the season, he kept sticking to his routine and knew that he would get his shot. He said he was "one play away from being that guy" (as in the starting tight end).

When asked who the hardest hitters were, McBride said Fred Warner and Dre Greenlaw, both of the 49ers. He wasn't thrilled about having to play those guys twice a year.

Who did Trey McBride say were the tight end GOATs?

When asked by Patrick who he thought was the GOAT tight end, McBride had two answers.

"Travis [Kelce] is doing it at a high level. You've got [Rob] Gronk[onski]. There's so many great guys but in my era I love watching Gronk growing up and now it's... Travis Kelce's kind of running the show. He's so good, he gets open and he does it at a very high level. So, in my era, it's probably those two guys that carry it."

Sterling expands on this and says that Kelce, Gronk, and Kittle have made tight end more of a "sexy position". McBride says "That's how it should have been the whole time. People are finally realizing what tight ends can do. They're a match-up problem for defenses. Safeties can't come down on 'em, linebackers are too slow, things like that, so, they're a nightmare match-up and if you have a great tight end, you can help your offense win a lot of games."