Will Tune revive the offense? 3 major questions for the Arizona Cardinals in Week 9

The Arizona Cardinals are looking for a sound performance from their offense, and they are putting their trust in Clayton Tune to get there.
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The Arizona Cardinals are a team full of question marks following their first eight games, but a new starting quarterback alone brings about several major questions. Clayton Tune’s first career start also means that yet another youngster on this roster will receive extended playing time. 

And if the Cards plan on pulling off an upset win tomorrow, Tune and the young core that the Cardinals are building must step up and play good football for all four quarters, something that has rarely happened this season. 

There are also questions facing the Cardinals defense, and whether they can finally stop a quarterback from getting hot for a change. While Deshaun Watson doesn’t look like the player he once was, nothing is for certain involving this Cardinals defense. 

Clayton Tune
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3 burning questions for the Arizona Cardinals against Cleveland

1 - Will Clayton Tune put new life into the offense?

We know one thing: With such little tape on Clayton Tune, the Browns may need a couple of series to figure out what his tendencies are. Sure, they may pick up some of those tendencies by watching Tune’s preseason tape, but how relevant is that nine weeks later?

It’s not like Tune sat out of practice for nine straight weeks while Joshua Dobbs got all the reps, so the quarterback you (and the Browns) will see tomorrow may look a little (or very) different from what we saw in the preseason. If Tune and the Arizona Cardinals offense can take advantage, then perhaps we will see a couple of scoring drives early. 

But even Dobbs managed that–problems arose during the final 30 minutes of each game. Tune will definitely lead some effective drives early, but whether he will in the final two quarters is another question entirely. And it’s one we won’t know the answer to until he faces the situation tomorrow afternoon.