Top 5 potential uniform matchups for the Arizona Cardinals vs. the AFC in the 2020s

You can dub the 2023 season as the Year the Throwbacks Returned, and it would set up some potentially classic-looking matchups for the Arizona Cardinals.
Cardinals players D.J. Humphries (74), Cameron Thomas (97), and James Conner (6) pose for pictures
Cardinals players D.J. Humphries (74), Cameron Thomas (97), and James Conner (6) pose for pictures / Patrick Breen/The Republic / USA TODAY
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Josh Allen, Mac Jones
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots / Billie Weiss/GettyImages

2 - White on red road combo vs. Pat Patriot-era Patriots

Yet another team on this list who would do well to promote their throwbacks back to full-time status, or at least a modernized classic version of them would be the New England Patriots. For this one, an inverse matchup featuring the Patriots red jerseys and white pants combo vs. the Arizona Cardinals white on red would look spectacular aesthetically. 

But if the Redbirds want to add a little more authenticity to this matchup, why not put the vintage bird onto the helmet for a game? That would look pretty epic in a matchup comprising a pair of teams who weren’t historically great while wearing such throwbacks or in the Cardinals case, a modern classic with the old helmet logo, but either way, they would be pleasing to the eyes.

1 - Either combo vs. Miami Dolphins 1966 throwbacks

The Miami Dolphins have worn both combos of their old 1966 throwbacks at various times in recent seasons, and once again, they are another team who needs to just promote them to full-time status and call it. But regardless of which throwback design they could wear vs. the Cardinals, either would look good and I have no personal preference. 

All I ask is that the Cardinals refrain from wearing their red-on-red look, which is my least-favorite uniform combo in their new wardrobe. Opting for white-on-white, red-on-white, or white-on-red would make this uniform combo click vs. Miami’s throwbacks.