Zeke Turner is the Arizona Cardinals most underrated re-signing

Dec 20, 2020; Glendale, Arizona, USA; Arizona Cardinals linebacker Zeke Turner (47) catches a pass
Dec 20, 2020; Glendale, Arizona, USA; Arizona Cardinals linebacker Zeke Turner (47) catches a pass / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are re-signing much of their own talent, including Kelvin Beachum, Will Hernandez, and Zeke Turner.

The Arizona Cardinals have not made much noise on the free agency front. But that’s okay, since it sends a loud and clear message that general manager Monti Ossenfort intends to build this thing through the NFL Draft

And while that may not please some in the Cardinals fanbase, this is a stark contrast from what we saw with Steve Keim. Far too often, Keim traded away valuable draft picks, and it, in turn, gave the Cards a shorter window of opportunity, culminating with last season’s 4-13 meltdown. 

While Ossenfort is taking the longer route here, it is also the tried and true route if the Cards want long-term success. This is, of course, assuming he hits ringers with draft picks better than his predecessor. 

So in the meantime, Ossenfort is retaining serviceable talent. One of those players is Zeke Turner, and he could factor in as one of the more underrated puzzle pieces for this rebuilding Cardinals team. 

Zeke Turner is an underrated, but valuable, piece for the Arizona Cardinals

Turner, who saw time in just 107 defensive snaps, isn’t going to make many plays for you with the unit in 2022. He is, however, a special teams ace who saw time in an astounding 328 special teams plays, or 81% of them. 

This is where Turner’s value comes in, and it’s likely that with three solid linebackers already set in Arizona’s rotation, that Turner will continue in his current role with the club. But overall, that’s okay, as it’s another case where the Cardinals can worry about other important positions to help fill the roster. 

So how good of a special teamer is Zeke Turner? He’s been in the league since 2018, playing in an identical role for the Cardinals ever since. And following the 2018 season, you may recall that he just so happened to earn a spot on the All-Rookie Team.

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