Dancing With The Stars Includes Former Cowboy Michael Irvin but No Former Cardinals

ABC Announced the lineup for the fall season of Dancing With The Stars today.  Included in the lineup is former Dallas Cowboys great Michael Irvin and UFC fighter Chuck Lidell. What, no former Cardinals?  Emmitt Smith had his chance.  Jerry Rice and Warren Sapp too.  Maybe we could get former greats Tootie Robbins, Derek Kennard, and Jake Plummer?  No?

I am always interested in who they find from the sporting world for this competition.  I thought for sure we’d see someone like John Elway or Brett Favre this go around.  Wait, oh, you mean it’s rumored Favre might NOT be retired?  Why am I not surprised?

Anyway, once the time comes for retirement, maybe Kurt Warner can show his moves for DWTS?  Just review this classic from earlier this year on Ellen, below.

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