Cards Relax on Bye Week

The Arizona Cardinals are taking their bye week this week.  Some might argue it comes too early,  some might argue that it comes at a good time as the team still struggles to find an identity to this season.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt released players early, canceled practice on Thursday and the team does not need to return until Monday to start the prep for the Houston Texans a week from Sunday.

I had the opportunity to meet Bertrand Berry last night at his radio show, The Big Red Rage, on Sports 620 KTAR.  What a nice guy he is.  He is really down to earth and I see why people really like him.  He said it’s a good time for the bye week and said he is aware there are those out there that think it might be early.

My guess is this comes at a good time.  Sure you’d like to see the bye come a little later in certain situations, but right now before the season is lost, it is a good time to regain that focus.  Players need to take time to get away and clear their heads, and allow the injured to heal a little.

Scott Allen

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  • pooterqb

    I have three MAJOR observations so far:
    1. We have hands down the best 1-2-3 receivers in the league. I get we have to run but again whe is the play action? We have the best 1-2-3. Why not use them?
    Fitz – hands down the best receiver in the league. Jump ball, Throw to the cone.
    Q – A number 1 receiver for any team in this league but maybe 4?
    Breaston – a Solheid number 2 any team and even a #1 on 12-15 teams.
    Why not pass? Seriously? Use what you have, what works… works. Use it!
    2. We finally dumped Francisco! YAAA! but replaced with Mcfadden. ZERO improvement. I know he is a Pitt guy. I know he is a good team guy and locker guy but he is not bunching anyone up on the line, he isn’t pressing at all. To far way from the Wideout when the ball is thrown. He is killing us.
    3. Our announcer. He is hands down the worst announcer I have ever heard. Technically he is fine. Warner to Fitz for 10 yard gain and a Cardinals 1st down. He has ZERO enthusiasm. You can tell he is not a fan of the Cards. He is more enthused about “Text Now to vote for best play last week” than he is about the game going on. I was at the Redskins-Cards game last year in D.C. the announcer changed that game when he yelled “COOOOOLLLLEEEEYYYYY with a FIRST DOWN CATCH”. He yelled it like a fan. Like he cared. The crowed went nuts and they took that game over off a bad interception. The announcer was a Syracuse Basketball announcer. Not any ties to AZ. Seriously. That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen the Cards do. THat announcer can CHANGE a game. SOmeone needs to listen. His “Cardinals First Down” is actually depressing to listen to. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!!!

  • AZScott

    I agree with points 1 and 2, but which announcer are you talking about? Dave Pasch on KTAR? He’s also an ESPN announcer for college football. I like him. Trust me, he can get excited…if that’s who you are talking about. I really like Wolf!

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  • pooterqb

    In reply to AZ Scott:
    I am talking about the game day announcer at the Stadium. The guy who calls the plays to the fans inside the University of Phoenix Stadium as it happens. If that is Dave Pasch he has more enthusiasm for who wins the hot dog, mustard and catchup race or “Text your favorite player from last game”. than he does for the Cardinals. If you are looking for a stats only, “Kurt Warner’s pass to Larry Fitzgaerald for a nine yard gain, talked by Champ Baily for a Cardinals First Down.” The he is great. EVERY other away game I have been to heir stadium announcers are on that teams side. They get excited when it is a first down. “WARNER TO FITZ FOR ANOTHER FIRST DOWN!” Like Al McCoy of the Suns. Our guy is mundane at best. The section I sit it on EVERY first down we actually make fun of how drone he is going to say it because it is teh same every play. He sounds like this is his job. Nothing more. No heart, no loyalty, no support. The Redskins announcer last year when we lost to them in D.C. We lost BECAUSE of their announcer. He yelled “COOOOOLLEEEEEYYY for a FIRST DOWN!” that got the crowd up, Cooley got up pointed towards the goal line and they scored two plays later. Up to that point we were winning. They won on a crappy INT but that announcement changed that Stadium. I don’t listen to the radio because I am at the game so we might be talking about a different guy. I went to customer service and when I said I wanted to complain about the effort of our announcer and his enthusiasm. She actually laughed. Then she said (and I quote) “you have no idea how many people complain?”

    I am a Cardinals fan at a Cardinals HOME game. If I am at the stadium here in Phoenix and I close my eyes just listened to the announcer and blocked out the names of the teams, you would not be able to tell who’s home field you were on! He is a stats guy. The good teams have GREAT PROFESSIONAL ANNOUNCERS THAT CAN MOVE A CROWED WHEN NEEDED. It is part of the game and a part of our home team offense that we don’t use. Actually it is detrimental to us. It actually hurts us to be so obtuse about calling the play.