Apr. 2, 2013; Tempe, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer during a press conference to announce his signing with the team at the Cardinals practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals Should Get More Out of Quarterback Play in 2013

When the 2012 season concluded, you could safely rank the NFC West teams quarterback situation and rank the Arizona Cardinals fourth out of four teams.  Now?  I’d probably rank them as third but by a hair, over the St. Louis Rams‘ Sam Bradford.  With the acquisitions of Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton, I’d say the Cards have put themselves in position to win a few more games in 2013.  For Bradford, this is a make or break year for him.  Of course, we know what the San Francisco 49′ers have in Colin Kaepernick and Seattle Seahawks have in Russell Wilson.

Kaepernick took the Niners to the Super Bowl.  Wilson to the divisional round of the playoffs.  Bradford seemed to rebound a little in 2012 over 2011, however, I do like Palmer’s experience over him.  If Palmer stays healthy for the Cards and the revamped offensive line can block better for him than they did for any of the four guys who took snaps last season for the Cards, I can easily see eight or nine wins.  As tough as the schedule is, I can’t see, at least right now, many more wins than that, especially in the division.

St. Louis did a lot to improve the overall quality of their team, so they could win despite the play of Bradford.  San Francisco and Seattle will probably do nothing but improve over already great seasons.  This doesn’t mean the Cards couldn’t beat any of them on any given Sunday.  Sure they could.  It will be all about consistency at the quarterback position.

An argument was made during the draft that there seemed to be a shift from a quarterback driven league to an offensive lineman driven league.  Well, no, not really.  I understand the sentiment because there were a lot of linemen being taken early and no quarterbacks.  However the linemen were taken in order to protect those quarterbacks, the Cards were no different.  So teams were making sure they would be getting guys to protect their money makers.  It’s still a quarterback driven league.  It remains to see just how far Carson Palmer can drive the Cards.

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  • Pridenpoise

    Lets hope your Cards have a good season, if not Palmer will want out on the first flight.

    • Scott Allen

      Yeah when the going gets tough sometimes, the tough try to leave.

  • Ricky Bobby

    Look what Palmer did for the Raiders, it wasn’t his fault they were a losing team. Guy Came off the couch halfway through the season in 2011 and still won games or them throwing for almost 3k yards in 7 or so games. Last season the raiders had no Defense, their OL was Horrible, Palmer had no Offensive weapons (less than what Bradford had in 12) Yet he threw for over 4,000 Yards a 62% completion % and 23 tds with 13 ints in 15 games for a 85.3 passer rating, with crappy recievers outright dropping balls and running routes wrong. Of course at 33 years old when the raiders are wanting him to take a paycut (he already restructured once to help them) and they are Rebuilding the team he wanted out. Palmer has better stats since 2010 than Palmer , and Palmer first 3 years in the League he put up a lot better numbers than Palmer. Over his career every year he has played a season he has put up Playoff Caliber QB numbers , His Career stats are playoff caliber, his career stats are better than Eli Mannings.
    Last year the Cardinals had no Running Game and no QB. They lost 4 games by 7 or less and a few more by 14 or less, you can say comfortably AZ is a 10 win team last year with a great QB and a Running game. Your putting Palmer with the best Receiver’s in the NFC west with Fitz, Floyd, Roberts, and Housler. HC BA has the Burner WR he wanted in rookie Ryan Swope coming in who runs a 4.3 40 , was a great college Receiver who will definitely snaps as a slot receiver, Fitzgerald and Floyd will make huge plays with Palmer under center, for that matter so will Roberts and Swope. The Cards have great RB’s coming in , Mendenhall ( who ran over 1k+yds in 09,10 was on his way before a injury in 11, he put 982 , he healed last year) is the Presumed #1 RB , he is a excellent RB and great Pass blocker as well. Ryan Williams had a freak shoulder injury early last season but he is another guy who can run over 1k+yds, Both him n Mendenhall are coming in 100% Healthy. They have two RB’s coming , quite possible RBOTF in Stephan Taylor and Andre Ellington, they are both very very good RB’s who are great pass blockers. Taylor might even start over Williams because he is a better pass blocker, Williams better play his A** off and stay 100%, because Taylor can easily step ahead of him. The cardinals between Mendenhall and Williams, and two very good rookies can afford injury this year (pray it wont happen) and can easily Avg well over 100+ RYPG . Point being that is another huge key in the game that will help out Palmer taking pressure of him and keeping the chains moving , as well as Keeping defenses off balance. Our OL will majorly improved this off-season, still in wks 9-17 the OL only gave up 19 sacks and ranked 13th in the league, better than the raiders line. Carson Palmer doesn’t give up sacks , behind a bad OAK OL he still ranked 6th in the league last year in sacks per drop back, our line will be good this year so it shouldn’t be a problem for AZ. The Cards Defense got better this off-season esp in the secondary, Last year this defense ranked 12th overall and 5th in pass defense. This year in new HC BA’s vertical offense , where he likes to flood the field with receiver’s n a run game to match, we will have a offense to match that defense. I think the Cards will beat the rams in both games and beat sf and sea 1 time a piece ( we beat the hawks last year and the 49ers only beat us by 14 with no QB or RB, in 2011 we beat the 49ers when we had QB play and they went to the nfc championship game that year) I think we will go 4-2 in our division,at worst 3-3 . Its Predicted 3 teams from the NFC west could go to the playoffs, I don’t think we win our Division but we have a great chance if AZ plays well to take a WC spot.

  • http://twitter.com/incomemadeeasy Kevin & Ogi Campbell

    Palmer will have a running game, and he will also have the best receiving group of his career. I expect this balanced attack under B.A.’s play calling to deliver the Cardinals with a 9 or 10 win season and Palmer in the pro bowl. Palmer for the first time in his career has a running game and passing game together.

    • Ricky Bobby

      I agree. Its funny to see Rams fans posting comment’s blaming his Sub-Par play and this being his make or break year (now that he has his rookie receiver’s) on Bradfords receivers. Look what Palmer had in Oakland, in 2011 he came off the couch and in 7 or so games through for almost 3k yards, the raiders D kept them outta the playoff’s in 11. Last year his receivers were running routes wrong and outright dropping passes, Still he threw for over 4k yards for like the 4th time in his career, 23 tds and 13ints, for a 62% completion percentage and 85.3 passer rating. He has done more the past 3 years than Bradford, and did more his 1st three rookie years. In 2010, the last time he had decent (nothing like he will in AZ) WR’s in Cinncy he threw for 26 TD’s. Every year he has played in the NFL he has put up Playoff Caliber QB numbers. His career numbers are better than Alex Smiths and Eli Mannings and some other good QB’s. It’s laughable Bradford is better, Palmer had less in Oakland but did more, he isn’t old yet by any means@33 ,Peyton will be 38,vick is going on 36.
      Now your taking a guy like Palmer who is a pure passing QB, putting in a offense that suits his skills (which he didn’t have n oak n still put up good #s) with BA’s vertical offense, with the top WR’s in the NFC west,People say Fitz didn’t do squat last year , well he didn’t have a QB. Watch what Fitz n Floyd do under Palmer, Roberts is a great Slot Receiver (on any other team he could easily be a #2) and Swope coming he runs a 4.2-4.3 40 who will be another great Slot guy. Palmer have a Balanced running game and the defense will be Solid. This will be a very high scoring Lethal offense.

    • Baily Deeter

      Agree. Palmer will be good in AZ.