Cards Slow Saturday Links


The Official Site of the Arizona Cardinals talks about Cardinals CB Rod Hood. Hood is only 5-3 and has made it in the NFL after being a walk-on at Auburn and an undrafted free agent. He has spent the last four seasons with the Eagles compilling these stats: 58 games with 13 starts, 98 tackles, five interceptions, four fumble recoveries, and 40 tackles on special teams. The Cardinals signed him in March and Hood believes that this is a great opportunity for him.

"“This is a great opportunity,” says Hood. “We’ve all been competing, and we’re getting better because of the competition. I see the youth here, the talent level … we’re just a stone’s throw away from getting into the playoffs.”“Too many people are quick to tell you what you can’t do,” he says. “To me, everything is possible. Coming from my background, walking on everywhere, anything is possible.”"

Dallas has moved Leonard Davis to offensive guard. I think this is a smart move because obviously Davis could not handle the tackle position. This is actually something I wish we would have tried at some point, but Leonard needed a change and so did the Arizona Cardinals Fans. I hope he flops in Dallas as much as he did here. reports on how Ken Whisenhunt and the Cardinals feel that they are ahead of schedule. Players showing up from Edge to other such veterans have made the offseason workouts. Also, Matt Leinart has gained about five pounds this offseason. Hopefully it is from working out, not partying too much.

Looking for a job? Want to go to the Super Bowl? Well its kinda of like going, you have to sell peanuts or beer. Look here if you live in the Phoenix Area.