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Boldin and Brown Likely to Sit…..This is a Good Thing People

facebooktwitterreddit is reporting that WR Anquan Boldin and Rookie OT Levi Brown are likely to sit out this Sunday’s game in St Louis. And we all die a little inside……

Trust me, no one is a bigger proponent of Anquan Boldin than I am!! The guy is just the absolute epitome of what you call a playmaker. He can run, throw, catch, tackle, score, everything……I mean the guy’s incredible. To quote QB Matt Leinart, “He’s the heartbeat of this offense and is probably the best all around player on our team.” Well said Matt. And Levi Brown has shown everyone that he is a valid, top 5 draft pick with his dominant performances against San Francisco, Seattle, and Baltimore (up until his injury in that game). He has been as good as advertised and only looks to get better.

But despite our own personal feelings about how much we want these guys to get back on the field, the best thing that the coaches can do for them is to sit them out one more week (and it appears Ken Whisenhunt has already made his decision). If the Arizona Cardinals can be as effective as they were against the Pittsburgh Steelers without these two starters, then it only makes sense to sit them one more game when we travel to face the St Louis Rams (0-4).

Bottom Line is we need Q and Levi healthy for the games ahead, Larry Fitzgerald, Elton Brown and Bryant Johnson can pick up the slack for one more week. We need a healthy Q and a healthy Levi down the stretch, so sit them now, give ’em one more week and we’ll have them back for the next home game against the Carolina Panthers. GO CARDS!! Boldin Rules!!

Mike Duggan