A Way to Show Your Support for Matt Leinart


If any of you readers out there have ever played sports, than you probably can relate to what the Arizona Cardinals’ young QB Matt Leinart is going through right now. If you’re a competitor (like Matt), then all you want to do is have the chance to compete and win. There is nothing more frustrating than having to sit on the sideline and watch your team go on without you. Having to go through that, especially when the Cards are playing so well this year, is definately going to take its toll on Leinart.

That is why our good friend, azsuperbowlblogger, created a link on the webpage – AZSuperBowlblog.com – in which Cards fans can show their support for Matt while he begins his recovery from the season ending injury he suffered last weekend. Just CLICK HERE to be redirected to the site. It is all set up for you to send emails of support for a speedy recovery while he goes through his rehab to get back out on the field for the 2008 season. The emails will go to his Matt’s brother Ryan, who will then forward them on to him.

This is still you’re team Matt, and we are still your fans!!

Mike Duggan