Suggs Interested in Turning a New Bird


Baltimore Ravens Outside Linebacker Terrell Suggs indicated the other day he would be interested in returning to his hometown and playing for the Arizona Cardinals

Before even looking at the stats this thought probably got some locals excited about former Arizona State Sun Devil Suggs returning to play in front of them again.  Comparing who the Cardinals have now at LB and Suggs, one might agree with my initial thought of not signing Suggs. However that being said, let’s remember that both Calvin Pace and Karlos Dansby are free agents.  Most likely they will get one of them re-signed but not both, even though Rod Graves indicated they are going to do eveything to sign both.   It has been suggested the Cards might let Pace go.  So let’s compare.

In 2007 –

Sacks: Pace – 6.5, Suggs – 5

Tackles: Pace – 98, Suggs -80

Pace also had one forced fumble and one interception.  Suggs did have one forced fumble in 2007.  If you compare stats of the two over the past four seasons, then Pace is who you want.  Pace has done nothing but improve each season since 2004.  Suggs has steadily declined since then.  Pace is coming off a career year, while Suggs had a career low 5 sacks in 2007.  He had a career high of 12 sacks in 2004, and then is when he only started one game.  He started all 16 this year. 

Decide for yourself, but given the facts, in my book the money should be going to Calvin Pace.  Hopefully Suggs will see there is no green in Cardinal Red country and stay in Baltimore and that the Cardinals front office takes into account the improvements of Calvin Pace

 Scott Allen