Boldin Appearance This Friday


So I got a notice that Anquan Boldin was going to be signing autographs at the new Alltel store in Peoria at 9880 W. Happy Valley Parkway this Friday from 12pm-2pm.  He will be recording “Wireless Autographs” – personalize voicemail greetings, signing autographs, and posing for pictures. 

I couldn’t help but think “Q” could be doing something better this weekend – like playing for the NFC Championship.  It’s notices like this that come while the playoffs are still going that really get me.  The Cardinals are so close.  Quan had a very good season given the time he missed due to injury.  The Wide Receiver position on the Cardinals is one that deserves a lot of attention and one that almost propelled the team to the playoffs despite the defensive lapses, costly penalties, and untimely mistakes that left the Cardinals sitting at home again in January. 

I hope “Q” enjoys his appearance, but hopefully next season he can put these type of appearances off until February or March.

Scott Allen