Looking Ahead to the 2008 Cardinals Schedule


Forget the NFC and AFC Championships, well, don’t forget them cause there should be some good football tomorrow; however, I’ve been thinking about next seasons Arizona Cardinals schedule and I always like to look ahead to see what lies in our future. 

The Home Schedule:  The usual suspects of Seattle, St. Louis, and San Francisco.  There is no reason why these three games can’t be won.  They were inches short of sweeping that trio at home this season.  In addition to the divisional opponents, the Cardinals face NFC foes Dallas, the New York Giants, and Minnesota.  All three should prove to be tough games.  If all three teams remain intact from this season (and there’s no reason to believe they won’t), then I think if they win two of those games, they’ve made more steps in the right direction.  The AFC opponents at home will be Buffalo and Miami.  No reason to believe the Cardinals won’t win or should win those games.  Home record prediction:  7-1

The Away Schedule:  Things get a little tougher on the road.   The divisional foes in Seattle, St. Louis, and San Francisco loom of course.  The Cardinals have had a tough time of it in Seattle and San Francisco lately and they need to learn to win in those cities.  If they can correct a few mistakes, San Francisco should be won again.  Seattle will be a tougher task.  As much as I’d love to see a win in Seattle, it will probably be the 2nd toughest game the Cardinals play next season.  That’s because the toughest game will be back east in New England.  Wow.  I’m a little scared of this one.  I think the Cardinals may surprise some people and keep the game close for awhile; however I think the Pats pull this one out in the 4th.  The other AFC road game is in New York versus the Jets.  That’s a win.  The other NFC road foes include Philadelphia, Washington, and Carolina.  All three are winable.  Realistically they will probably win one of those three.  Road record prediction:  4-4.  Overall prediction 11-5.  That would be great.  Of course I sit here at the end of every season and predict something wild like that for the Cardinals.  Let’s hope they come through with a record like that in 2008.  Go Cardinals!!

Scott Allen

AZ Scott