Aloha Darnell Dockett


As I’m sure most know now, Arizona Cardinals LB Darnell Dockett was named as a replacement for Tommie Harris from the Chicago Bears.  It is nice to see another player from the Cardinals join Larry Fitzgerald in Honolulu in February.  It’s especially nice to see someone from the defensive side of the ball.  Dockett is a good player who had a good season.  In my estimation it could have been a lot better had he been able to reduce the number of dumb penalties.  If you take those out and add a little more consistency in his game, he’s easily named a starter. 

I’d love to hear what the rest of you think about Dockett going to the annual NFL All-Star game.  Was this a good choice?  Is there someone more deserving?  Please weigh in.  Either way, congratulations to Dockett for making the Pro Bowl.  It’s bound to be an experience he will not soon forget. 

Scott Allen

AZ Scott