A Gracious Host Doing the Most


Over the last couple of days, Mike has got us excited about thinking about the 2008 draft and the Cardinals needs (great posts by the way Mike!)  It’s been hard to ignore though just how much the Cardinals have had a hand in this years Super Bowl.  I must say it was a little strange seeing pictures of the Giants taking over the Cardinals training facility in Tempe.  It is awful nice of the Giants to say they are in awe of the facility.  The facility opened in August 1990.  For this facility to still be considered one of the best in the NFL certainly says something.  I remember helping the Cardinals move into this facility when I worked for them in the preseason of 1990.  The Giants have enjoyed the space and the grass field outside. 

I also noticed Cardinals owner Bill Bidwell was out and about on Friday.  He was seen signing autographs at the NFL Experience (which by the way if you have a chance to go today, go!  I went last weekend and had a great time).  He was pictured assisting Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano and other Arizona CEO’s in ringing the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange on Friday.  I’ve made mention in other posts of other events some of the Cardinals players have been involved in this week. 

Needless to say, the Cardinals have done a great job of playing host to the eventwith the most.  With the Super Bowl tomorrow, kick back and enjoy the game, however let’s all take a queue from Mike and let’s get busy thinking about what lies ahead in 2008. 

Scott Allen