Anyone Have a Band Aid?


In moves not unexpected, the Cardinals cut three players today.  Terrance Holt, Oliver Ross, and Chris Cooper were all cut in order to save salary cap room.  They may not be the last either.  Depending on who you believe, the Cardinals are still going to be close to the cap.  The NFL Network even says the Cards will be over the cap.  General Manager Rod Graves says not true. 

So, someone’s math isn’t correct.  Honestly, as long as they have enough room to get their draft picks signed and maybe a few decent free agents at a reasonable low cost, then we should be ok.  These moves today are no big losses in my mind.  Holt and Ross failed to live up to high expectations that existed when they arrived in town.  I’m sure these decisions were fairly easy ones for an organization that finally is proving they won’t deal with mediocrity anymore.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen