A Moment Of Favre


Just as I’m sure many of you were, I was surprised Brett Favre retired today.  The way he played this past season, I was sure he was going to give one more go-around.  One play in particular sold me on the idea he was still playing near the top of his game.  If you go back to the Monday Nighter against Denver and the fantastic finish in OT, that pass told me he was not ready to give it up yet.  I have a lot of memories of Favre.  He won his Super Bowls, he had his ups and his downs.  It is nice to see him go out though on his own terms.  Too bad he didn’t get the chance to give it one more try.  I am glad though the next time the Cardinals play the Packers, he won’t be the opposing QB.  He could really light it up like a Christmas Tree.  Thanks for the memories Brett!  Take care of that great family of yours!

Scott Allen