A Night Cap With Warner


I read today Cardinals QB Kurt Warner and the team are talking possible extension.  The team says talks are in the early stages, however there have been discussions.  This move can only be a win-win for the Cardinals and quite frankly, Kurt Warner as well. 

Warner is going to be 37 before the season starts.  If he can go another year or two and finish his career here, QB Matt Leinart will be all the better for it.  Sure Warner is getting older and he isn’t the same QB he was in 2000 and 2001.  I’m sure Warner would even admit to that.  That being said he has a lot to offer. 

Exhibit A – He has the expertise.  He can continue to teach Leinart, who, if healthy, will be in this league a long time.

Exhibit B – He is a team player.  He’ll be the first to tell you he isn’t a huge fan of the two QB system and would love to start every game.  He wouldn’t be a competitor if he didn’t feel that way.  He was doing a great job before Leinart was lost for the season in St. Louis and continued to play hard and honestly had his best season in the past three years in 2007. 

Exhibit C – This give the Cardinals more cap room by extending his contract.  Right now, every little bit helps.

Exhibit D – He gets along with Leinart.  In my mind is one of the top 5 backups in the league right now.  He’d probably still start for a dozen other teams.  He may still start.  Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt has said previously that even though Leinart is the starter right now for 2008, there will be competition going into training camp in August.  I’ll take a 37 year old Kurt Warner over someone  like, say, Joey Harrington. 

Here’s looking forward to a great QB competition in 2008.  Go Cards!

Scott Allen