Johnson Signs with 49ers


Speaking of receivers chasing a payday…..WR Bryant Johnson has signed a new contract with the San Francisco 49ers.  Wow, I will be honest, I never saw this coming.  I knew he was looking to go elsewhere, however, I never imagined he would be moving west to the Niners. 

I’m a little surprised at this move.  I had heard rumors of several teams that were trying to vie for his services, the Niners not being one of them.  This move only tells me one thing – he was chasing the money.  I understand the Cardinals weren’t going to be able to offer him the money he wanted or quite frankly deserved, but this sounds like to me he got a little greedy in the market and felt the Niners could give him what he wanted.  He is no better off in a quest for a Super Bowl ring in San Francisco, in fact, in my opinion, took a step back from the quality of team he was and could have been on. 

What I will say is the Cardinals do lose a versatile number 3 receiver.  Johnson did have his best season in 2007 and I wish him nothing but the best.  Let’s hope now, with Johnson out of the picture for sure, the Cardinals are listening to Mike’s suggestion of getting WR Anquan Boldin taken care of.  Here’s hoping ‘Quan gets his payday too!  Go Cards!

Scott Allen