Cardinals 2008 Schedule Released


Well I must say that the schedule for your Arizona Cardinals looks to me winable early, manageable middle of the season, and rough at the end, even though the Cardinals play four of their last six games at home.  Let’s take a look:

September 7th – @ San Francisco  . . . . this is a should win; however see result from 2007 to get a firm understanding of what could really happen here.  Does 2008 repeat?  I don’t think so.  Cardinals 23 San Francisco 21.

September 14th – Miami. . . . .if your Cardinals can’t win this one, don’t even bother with the rest of the season.  Cardinals 34 Miami 13

September 21st – @ Washington. . . . well this one could go either way.  This more depends on how Washington is stacked.  It’ll probably be another field goal affair at Fed Ex.  The good guys win this one.  Cardinals 27 Washington 26

September 28th – @ NY Jets. . . . hmmmm, could be a let down after a win in Washington the week before.  This team also can’t stand a season without some adversity, so they won’t go 4-0 to start the season, although on paper that’s where they should be.  Jets win close one.  Jets 19 Cardinals 16

October 5th – Buffalo. . . .another trap game.  Cardinals are better than the boys from Buffalo, but that, as history has written, doesn’t matter much in the NFL.  Buffalo 27 Cardinals 21

October 12th – Dallas. . . .this is where the times start getting rough.  Cardinals play with the Cowchips for a couple of quarters, but Tony Romo and Dallas take over a close one in the third and pull away for a convincing win.  Dallas 41 Cardinals 21

October 19th – BYE. . . .I’m tempted to put money on the bye, but I’ll pass

October 26th – @ Carolina. . . .Cardinals get back on the winning track after the bye week.It’s another close one (notice a trend here).  Cardinals 24 Carolina 23

November 2 – @ St. Louis. . . . hmmm, does St. Louis get revenge for the December 30th thrashing they took in Glendale 48-19 or do they get screwed by another bad referee call?  Or wait, maybe they just aren’t that good?  I’ll take the latter.  Cardinals 35 St. Louis 24

November 10 (Mon Night) – San Francisco. . . .welcome home boys.  About time to play again at University of not really a university of Phoenix Stadium.  I don’t know what the folks at ESPN see in this matchup?  Do they want to see another Kurt Warner debacle in the end zone?  Are they looking for another Neil Rackers wide right?  Well, they can keep searching.  Cardinals take care of business back home.  Cardinals 44 San Francisco 28

November 16 – @ Seattle. . . .do I even need to comment.  Cardinals can’t win here.  Might not before I die.  Seattle running away – litterally.  TJ Duckett will run for 150.  Seattle 37 Cardinals 14

November 23 – NY Giants. . . .if you are going to get to a game this season, please go to this one.  The defending Super Bowl champions are in town.  Cardinals play their best game of the season.  Cardinals 27 Giants 17

November 27 – @ Philadelphia. . . .at least the NFL schedule makers have a sense of humor.  When I saw this one on the schedule, I about fell out of my chair at my desk at work.  Let’s see.  Thanksgiving, on the road, in Philly, on National TV.  Yeah, that sounds about like a plot for Twister 2.  Philadelphia 56 Cardinals 7

December 7 – St. Louis . . . . cool.  A chance for another win.  Go Cards! Cardinals 32 St. Louis 9

December 14 – Minnesota . . . .not so cool.  Adrian Peterson runs for 235.  Minnesota 28 Cardinals 8

December 21 – @ New England. . . .no comment.  New England 75 Cardinals 2

December 28 – Seattle. . . .Merry belated Christmas.  Hasselbeck and boys take a breather.  Cardinals 24 Seattle 10

If the math is correct, that puts the Cardinals at 9-7 and probably fighting for a wild card.  We’ll see.  It should be an interesting year.  I can’t wait.  Next up:  The 2008 NFL Draft.  Go Cards!

Scott Allen