An Honor For Aeneas


I read today that former Cardinals CB Aeneas Williams is going to be inducted into the Cardinals Ring of Honor at halftime of the Monday Night Football Game vs. San Francisco on Monday November, 10th.  This is a great honor for so many reasons, none greater than the fact he was a hard playing, hard hitting, hard to run past, corner. 

If the Cardinals had 53 Aeneas Williams on their roster, this team would win the Super Bowl every year.  It’s a shame a player of his caliber didn’t see more team success during his tenure in Arizona.  Sure he saw some success at the end of his career in St. Louis.  However he will always be remembered as a Cardinal.  The Cardinal Organization obviously recognizes that as well, hence the reason for the honor.

I would take Aeneas anyday over the Deion Sanders, Antonio Cromartie, Chris McAllister, Dre Bly, Ronnie Lott, and Eric Allen’s of the world, just to name a few.  He kept his mouth shut.  Never said a bad word about anyone.  He played hard and went about his business as if he was trying to put food on the table rather than trying to put himself in celebrity.  He was genuine, athletic, and never stepped down from a challenge from a top receiver. 

It’s too bad we don’t have more Aeneas Williams in today’s game.  I think some really talented defensive backs, safeties, and corners could really learn from watching how Aeneas kept command of the defensive secondary.  It’s too bad that there aren’t more individuals like Aeneas in the game.  Take away the athleticism and professionalism, and you still had character.  Are you listening D’Angelo Hall?  Are you paying attention Adam “Pacman” Jones?

Go Cards!

Scott Allen