Read Between The Snaps


It’s been widely reported that during practice the other day Cardinals QB Matt Leinart got reps with the second team, while “backup” QB Kurt Warner took snaps with the first team.  Coach Ken Whisenhunt continues to say that Matt Leinart is his “starter”.  Kent Somers of The Arizona Republic had a very good point in his column today.  Whether what Whiz says is true or not, one can take from the workout that Whiz is sending a message that he shouldn’t be taking his job for granted.  I’m going to lean with Somers on this one.  One has to believe some sort of message was in the move.  Sure, you always want your “backup” to have reps with the first team from time to time.  However, this seems more like a move you’d see in training camp to wake someone up.  I’ve got to say it also seems like Whiz’s tune up for the two QB system as well. 

However you look at it, I think one thing is for sure, the Cardinals currently have two QB’s who can play the role of starter and backup.  You can’t dismiss Warner’s 27 TD’s last year.  I also am a true believer in the idea of not losing a job to injury.  The “starting” job was Leinart’s when he was injured in St. Louis last October.  The Cards were already a couple of games into the 2 QB experiment. 

Ultimately, look at it this way, right now Leinart is the starter, Warner is the backup; however the starter shouldn’t feel as if there is 100% job security either.  A little competition never hurt anyone.  Oops, sorry Matty.  My bad.  Hopefully that scenario doesn’t replay itself in 2008.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen