Maybe They Were off Watching Kung-Fu Panda?


The Arizona Cardinals completed their pre-training camp practices today in Tempe.   Many good things I think came out of the past couple of weeks. QB Matt Leinart is apparently running the two minute drill more efficiently.  No one got seriously injured.  That’s two for two right there. 

The two people I don’t get though are DT Darnell Dockett and WR Anquan Boldin.  Those two are still crying over no new contracts.  I get they want to get paid like their colleagues.  If someone had a beef more than the other, I’d say it was ‘Quan.  At least he stayed out of trouble on the field and kept his mouth shut.  He plays on the same level, in my opinion, as Larry Fitzgerald.  Dockett, however, although plays well at times, can’t consistently stay penalty-free and out of unsportsmanlike penalty trouble. 

Quan and Dockett need to understand the Cardinals just don’t have a lot of money to throw around.  They are both currently already under contract.  I may not like what I’m getting paid at my place of employment, but I certainly am not going to stop coming to work.  These guys just aren’t being team players.  Did boycotting the practices get them any further in negotiations?  Nope.

They both probably did get some things accomplished though during their absenteeism.  I hear there are a few good movies out.  Hopefully they made it to a matinee though.  From the sounds of it, their current millions being earned isn’t enough to pay the full $9.75 price after 4pm.

Get over it boys and get to training camp on time!  Go Cards!

Scott Allen