Boldin Thinking Extended Vacation


Maybe it really is the movies?  Maybe its the idea of going and hanging out with Michael Strahan or Brett Favre?  Maybe it’s just the possibility that Arizona Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin feels like the ugly stepchild or maybe feels like Jerry Maguire did when his whole world came crashing down on him, the one he loved so much but then got betrayed by in short order.  Whatever the reason for coming out today and saying he may not make it to training camp in July, one thing is for sure – Boldin is an unhappy dude. 

As I’ve stated before, ‘Quan deserves all the accolades he gets.  He is a top tier NFL Receiver.  He helped put the Arizona offense back on the map five years ago.  With him and WR Larry Fitzgerald, they probably are amongst the top five WR duo’s in the NFL.  It’s just he seems to be spending more time these days worrying about a new contract, which should be a moot point considering he is already under contract for three more seasons.  The Cardinals have stated they plan on working on a contract for Boldin.  What reasons Boldin has not to believe them, I may never know.  What I do know is that the Cardinals have seemed to have treated him with respect and have said all the right things during this period of uncertainty. quoted Boldin as saying about his prospects of being at camp “I honestly can’t say at this point.”  Why not?  Again, Boldin is under contract.  Its one thing to be a free agent, but that statement tells me he is seriously considering boycotting camp, at least in the beginning. 

I can think of a few possible reasons why Boldin would want to skip camp.

A) The drive to Flagstaff is too far, given today’s average gas price of $4.08 per gallon.

B) He’s afraid of slipping on the millions falling out of Fitzgerald’s pocket during practice

C) He doesn’t want to miss the July 25th opening of the Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly comedy Step Brothers

D) He’ll be spending hours on Ebay trying to scoop up tickets to Cardinals home games for his family since he certainly isn’t making enough to put food on the table, much less pay for tickets to a game.

Whatever the reason really is, he should spend less time on the Rod Tidwell train, and instead of asking the Cardinals to “show me the money”, he should go out on the field and prove he can rise above it and remember, no, live the words of Jerry Maguire who said, “think about back when you were a little kid. It wasn’t about the money, was it? Was it?”

I don’t think it was, but you don’t need me to tell you or him that.

Scott Allen