“Best Of” Week, Part 1


To pass the time until the start of training camp, I thought it would be interesting to do a series of different subjects and get your take.  I am starting this week with a series of “Best Of’s”.

Today’s topic – Best seat in University of Phoenix Stadium. 

Now there are a few qualifications to this opinion.  First, I have had to have sat in these seats in order to qualify for “best of”.  Secondly, this is just an opinion, my opinion.  I am neither right nor wrong.  It’s just my take.   That being said, the five best places to sit in UOP Stadium.

5. End Zone Corner, closed end – I’ve sat here a couple of times.  You do get a good view of the field.  You definitely get a good view of the end zone.  You also get your share of nut cases who are a little too tipsy to be calling your mama names.  Case in point.  Last time I sat in this section was last preseason against the Houston Texans.  Some dude thought it would be cool to get loaded and go pick a fight with a middle aged, beer bellied, man.  This dude was not even a Houston or Cardinals fan.  He had on Raiders garb if memory serves.  Anyways, he walked down the 17 rows to this man, who was sitting in the aisle seat next to his 10 year old son and started to argue.  I mean really – this was preseason!  It was against Houston, on a hot Saturday afternoon in August!  Pluhheaaasee!  Sure was entertaining though watching security kick the dude out. 

4. Very last row – Upper level, in corner by concrete beam.  I mean this had to be the best view I’ve had from the farthest I’ve ever sat from the field in a stadium.  The seats had its advantages and disadvantages.  The advantages were I could stand as much as I wanted without blocking anyones view.  By the way, that pisses me off when people want you to sit a sporting event.  Hey – this ain’t the opera lady!  Sorry, I easily could go off an a rant on that subject, however, I was in not in anyone’s way.  Of course, the disadvantage was all the stairs you have to climb to get back and forth from the concession stand.  Vendors tend to stay away from your area as well.

3. Upper Level End Zone – Not as bad as you would think.  People around you are pretty cool.  Usually more families up there since the cost to get into a game is still more expensive than a tank of gas these days, and that’s saying a lot.

2. Section 126 – 10 yard line, Lower Level on oppenents side.  This probably gives the best overall view of the field from where I’ve sat in UOP Stadium.  Still not the best time I’ve had, but does give probably the best overall view.  Plus, I can get these seats for free from my company once a season.

1. End Zone Bleachers- open end.  I loved these seats.  Yeah they are bleachers.  However the best fans and the easiest walk to the concession stands.  The one time I sat in this area, I sat in the back row on the aisle.  It was against Seattle last September.  There were a lot of fans in the bleachers that made the trek down from Washington.  Made for great conversation.  Also, these seats are right on the field.  I loved it.  Sitting right under the goal posts on the field, it made me feel like I was a a part of the action. 

So there you have it.  My take on the best seats in the house.  Sure there would be those of you who say the suites, the club level.  I get that.  I just haven’t sat in those seats.  Remember, my rules.  However you look at it, hopefully I will run into some of you at the games this season in one of these sections.  Go Cards!

Tomorrow – “Best Places to Grab a Bite in Flagstaff After Practice”.

Scott Allen