“Best Of” – Part 2


So you’ve just spent the day at training camp in Flagstaff with the Cardinals and now you have the chore of finding a place to grab some good grub.  Maybe you are preparing for a long day of practices and you need a big meal to get you through the day?  Whatever the time of day, Flagstaff has something to offer fans at any time of the day.  Thus, the part two of “Best Of” week continues. 

Today’s topic: Best Places to Eat in Flagstaff

5. Horsemen Lodge ( 8500 Highway 89 North, 3 miles north of the Flagstaff Mall ) – This steakhouse on the east end of Flagstaff offers a great steak at a reasonable price.  If you are willing to spend a little more and put a few more miles on the car, then this is the place to go.  The atmosphere, hospitality, and the food is well worth the trip. 

4. August Moon Chinese Restaurant (1300 S Milton Rd # 111) – This chinese food staple of Northern Arizona University keeps em coming back and back again.  With cheap prices and good food, this place beats most chinese options you can find in the valley. 

3. Crystal Creek Sandwich Shop (1051 S Milton Rd # B) – A great variety of sandwiches.  Also a great place to sit and watch a game, play pool, and drink a beer.  These sandwiches beat anything I can find in the valley, hands down. 

2. Mike and Rhonda’s The Place (21 S Milton Rd) – Sure they have one of these in Glendale.  Nothing beats the original though.  A great and cheap place to eat breakfast or lunch.  You can have a lot for very little.  Service is usually pretty quick, even on a busy Saturday or Sunday morning.  Get the Hungry Man breakfast.  You might not eat the rest of the day.

1. Beaver Street Brewery (11 S. Beaver St) – Beer, check.  Food, check.  TV’s, check.  Great atmosphere, check.  In my opinion, Beaver Street has the best beer in Arizona.  A great micro brewery.  The food is awesome.  From wood fired pizzas, steak, sandwiches, burgers, and pasta to the great micro beers and appetizers, this place has it all.  I make this place a must stop for me no matter the reason I am in town.  Try the Railhead Red Ale.  You won’t be sorry.  

Tomorrow will be the best plays made by the Cardinals since they moved to Arizona.  Go Cards!

Scott Allen