Boldin Speaks Volumes


I’ll try to keep it professional since these players do reserve some respect.  I mean, at least Anquan Boldin came out of hiding and said something so we can get on with life in training camp from day one.  However after today’s Drew Rosenhaus inspired press conference, I’d like nothing more than to see Anquan swallow his words, pretend he is still keeping to himself, play, and then move on to greener pastures as he thinks he will be doing after his contract expires in 2010. 

Boldin said he was done with the Cardinals.  He will stick to his contract and play it out and after it expires in 2010, he will move on.  Good.  Good bye.  I’ve got to believe after those comments, the Cardinals can only see this as a distraction and will be actively trying to trade the disgruntled receiver.  That may have been the move Anquan was trying to get team officials to make by speaking today.

No doubt, Anquan is a great receiver.  He has given us many exciting moments in his short career to this point.  However, I say trade him now.  It will come up time after time for each of the next three seasons.  Too much distraction.  If he wants to cry that Larry Fitzgerald got his milk money and all he got was a feeling of milk spilled over his head, then go cry us a river somewhere else.   Take your sob story to Detroit.  Go to Dallas.  Live it up large in LA…..oh wait, forgot, they don’t have a team.  Go surfing in San Diego.  Take a bite from the Big Apple in New York.  Whatever, just leave now.  The Cardinals are much better off without him.  He will be a cancer in the locker room, no matter what he says, no matter how well his intentions really are.  The last thing this team needs is another black eye. 

Anquan all but said today that Arizona is the “arm pit” of the NFL.  Well, Simeon Rice already took that one, so he took the high road and did the “honorable” thing by saying he will finish his contract out like a good little Cardinal soldier, but after that he wants out.  They keep telling me this is a business.  Every business has a bottom line.  Bottom line is, the Cardinals next order of business is to ensure this doesn’t become a distraction and work hard and work fast to kill this situation before it gets out of hand.  Unfortunately, that time may have already passed.  Time will tell.  If Quan is still around in two weeks for the preseason opener against the Saints, he may hear the following from the stands, to quote the great line from The Princess Bride…  “Booooo”  “Boooooo” “Boooooo”.  

My name is Scott Allen, you killed my dreams of a distraction-less season, prepare to be traded.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen