It’s Miller Time


When you say it’s Miller time in regards to the Arizona Cardinals, you usually think of one of the following scenarios:

Kurt Warner has just thrown a 50 yard touchdown pass to Larry Fitzgerald

Neil Rackers has just missed wide right that would have given the Cardinals a winning record to finish the season.  Now it’s time to go get drunk at the nearest pub. 

Anquan Boldin has shut up and signed a long term contract worth millions.

Nope, none of the above would be your official answer if you asked that question as to what it meant today.  Tight End Brent Miller, that of Arizona State fame (and brother of Raiders and former Sun Devil TE Zach Miller), signed a contract with the Cardinals today to help shorr up a think TE core.   TE Leonard Pope is coming off a serious injury and TE Troy Bienemann who has had a hard time coming off of his stress reaction in his foot and is now released and going to be coming to an injury settlement with the team, this area needed to be addressed.

As a University of Arizona alum, the less I see of Arizona State players, the better as far as I’m concerned.  Bienemann probably could play better on one foot that Miller on two, but who am I to judge?  Too bad he couldn’t have joined his brother in Oakland.  That is the perfect place for a Sun Devil – in Oakland.  Now that’s a match made in hell.  Hopefully this move won’t drive me to my own Miller time, week after week.  Pope is the man and let’s hope he can stay healthy this season, otherwise it could be a long one.