The Red Zone


I was reminded of a pretty cool fact about our Arizona Cardinals offense from the 2007 season.  The Cardinals finished third in the NFL in scoring touchdowns once inside the opponents red zone.  Thanks to our friends at The Arizona Republic it was pointed out that the Cards were successful scoring TD’s in the red zone a whopping 68% of the time. 

It was finally nice to see the Cardinals put more TD’s than field goals up on the scoreboard.  Of course that still didn;t meant the other team wasn’t as successful, otherwise they would have been much better than their 8-8 record from a season ago.

Quarterback Matt Leinart seems to be more comfortable in the pocket.  I’m hearing that he seems to have found a nice groove in practice at training camp.  Let’s hope that translates into more points on the field in actual games, pre-season and regular season.  When Leinart was in the game last Thursday against the Saints, he engineered one TD and one FG drive in the red zone.  He came up with points both times he got his team there. 

Look for even more brighter results from the Cardinals in the red zone in 2008.  Go Cards!

Scott Allen