Leinart and Warner are “At the Movies”


So the other day, instead of practice, coach Ken Whisenhunt took his team to the movies.  This was the second straight year that coach Whisenhunt took the team to the movies instead of practicing.  He said that the team was a little sore and stiff and decided that it was time for some team bonding and life team morale a little.  I’m sure it was a nice getaway from the daily training camp grind for the boys.  However, I wonder what quarterbacks Matt Leinart and Kurt Warner were excited given the fact that they are embroiled in a quarterback competition.  They were probably both thankful for the diversion is my guess.

Players were given the chance to see one of four movies of their choice.  They could see “Step-Brothers”,“The Mummy”, “The X-Files”, or “Dark Knight”.  I don’t know who saw what outside of coach Whisenhunt, who admitted he saw “Step-Brothers”.

I think Leinart and Warner would have been smart to see Step-Brothers.  It’s a perfect fit.  Here you have two guys who don’t like each other too much in the beginning.  Then one does something that earns the respect of the other and they become best friends.  However, then they split apart again and one tries to bury the other – albeit alive.  Then in the end they make-up, pretty much ruin their parents chances of a dream retirement, and start up their own karaoke business.

Wow.  The similarities abound.  Leinart and Warner said all the right things last year when Leinart was named the starter over Warner.  However you could tell the two weren’t the best of buddies.  Neither was particularly happy with the quarterback rotation Whisenhunt started to implement before Leinart’s season ended prematurely.  However, that gave Leinart more time to study his counterpart.  Leinart developed a respect for the game.  He traveled with the team, attended practices, all the while knowing he wouldn’t play another down the rest of the season.  That earned the respect of Warner, who said it was important for a young quarterback to be doing all the things and making all the moves that Leinart was doing at the time.

Then, after the season, Leinart gets caught partying a little too much with sorority sisters at his home, however coach Whisenhunt still sticks with his announcement that Leinart will be the starting quarterback for the 2008 season.  Warner takes the high road, but underneath it all, you know he is fuming.  Behind the scenes I’m sure Warner lost a little of that respect Leinart had gained last season.

Now, as we are in training camp, the two have bonded again, somewhat, for the better of the team.  Both publicly state they accept the decision of the coach, however both are hungry for the starting nod.  It’ll be a moot point once one or both of them get hurt again, however it will be a chance for both of them to start a joint venture together – a string of karaoke bars.  I for one can’t wait to go sing in one of those.  I think my first song will be Hank Williams Jr’s, “All My Rowdy Friends are Coming Over for Monday Night Football.” I think by week 10 this should be a reality.  Cardinals vs. the 49ers, on Monday Night Football.  Brian St. Pierre vs. Alex Smith.  Doesn’t get much better than that!

Go Cards!

Scott Allen