Leinart Has Poor Showing, Cardinals Still Shutout the Raiders 24-0


The first half of tonight’s game more resembled a few friends getting together for a rumble in the park for some touch football rather than a couple of NFL teams getting together for a preseason football game.  Nevertheless, the Arizona Cardinals took over with strong running game in the second half and rushed their way to a 24-0 victory over the Oakland Raiders Saturday night in Oakland.

Matt Leinart had a very poor showing, getting lit up with three interceptions.  Yet, Oakland could not find themselves crossing the goal line all night, even after reaching a 1st and goal after an interception in the second quarter.  Kurt Warner came in the game late in the second quarter and didn’t fare as bad, but didn’t really leave much to write home about either.  His first pass was very high over the receiver’s head.  Then he fumbled a snap and luckily didn’t cost the Cardinals their fourth turnover.

After leading 3-0 at halftime, the Cardinals came out and took over the running game.  Tim Hightower had a couple of great runs, including his touchdown run to put the redebirds up 10-0.  Not much later, J.J. Arrington ran off a 67-yard scamper to the end zone and all of a sudden a low scoring affair quickly was 17-0.  A fourth quarter TD pass from Brian St. Pierre to regular season starting TE Leonard Pope capped the scoring and put the Cardinals up 24-0.  It was really nice to see Pope catch a TD pass after his 2007 season ended up being cut short due to injury.

Penalties were once again a problem this evening.  DT Darnell Dockett lost his cool and had yet another unsportsmanlike penalty cost his team 15 yards.  This is a problem that has consistently plagued Dockett in the past and is something I touched upon in the team preview that went up on yardbarker.com. Dockett must maintain his cool.  His ridiculous penalties will end up costing this team a victory or two if it continues.  I understand the passion and I love it.  However he needs to think about the team he is throwing under the bus with his poor judgment.

Other than the early turnovers and the penalties, it was really nice to see several backs get into the running game action.  Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.  Don’t be surprised to see Kurt Warner be named the starting QB for the opener in San Francisco in two weeks if Leinart doesn’t get it going this week in practice and in the game, if he sees any action at all in the final preseason game this Thursday against the Denver Broncos at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen